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The Mama Mia Pizza

This is an easy Pizza you can do with your mom, or your Aunt Kelly or Papo Bill.

Mama Mia Pizza


Pizza Crust mix

Mozzarella cheese, shredded or fresh

pizza sauce

olie oil


First make your dough from the intructions on the packet.

Stir it up. Use a chair if it makes you happy to be tall.

Awe, it’s ok if you get dirty..

Split the dough and make two balls.

Spread the dough into a pie shell or on a cookie sheet or whatever you have. Our pizza pan was missing!

Drizzle a little olive oil on your dough. Trust me.

Spread your sauce.

Now is where you build your pizza. Layer the cheese.

And your pupperoni. That’s what we call it around here.

Because, our pup hangs out in the kitchen when we cook

Go gettum girl!

Do more layers, of cheese and pupperoni until you are happy.

Ta da! Are you Hongry!?

Oh my….

mama mia!

Will it pass the Calvin taste test?

Uh oh!

Score! I love it so much I am wearing it!

What? What happened to the other ball of dough? Trust me, I’m eight. You want no part of it…. Maybe later.

Just remember and just say this to yourself, “Just keep cooking”


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